Macaulay-Culkin net worth

Macaulay Culkin’s net worth

Date of Birth: Aug 26, 1980 (41 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Actor, Voice Actor, Child Actor, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

Former New York actor Macaulay Culkin’s net worth is $18 million. After acting in several successful movies in the early 1990s, including the iconic “Home Alone,” he gained widespread fame. At his career’s pinnacle, Culkin was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid and most influential children and adult actors.

Influential actor

Culkin became one of the film industry’s highest-paid and most influential children and adult actors. After taking a hiatus from acting in the late ’90s and ’00s, he is now often cast in television, film, and independent film roles.

Throughout Macaulay’s life, scores of fake tabloid articles have been published. The media can’t wrap their heads around that he’s a regular guy who’s tired of being a public figure and wants to keep his private life out of the spotlight. Macaulay, or Mac, is regularly defended by Seth Green, a fellow actor, and childhood friend. During an appearance on Marc Maron’s podcast, Green said Mac does not care about the press’s portrayal of him. Mac seems satisfied with keeping a low profile and his millions in the bank. Macaulay Culkin’s net worth is $18 million.

Movie Paycheck for Macaulay Culkin

Culkin made $40,000 for his breakout role in “Uncle Buck” (1989). The success of “Home Alone” the following year rocketed him to prominence, and he spent the next four years as a seven-figure movie star despite only being paid $100,000 for his role in the film.

After “My Girl” made him $1 million in 1991, he retired. When “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” came around in 1992, he was paid $4.5 million to return to his role. After this success, he took a pay cut to star in the 1993 thriller “The Good Son” for $1.5 million. Macaulay Culkin’s net worth is $18 million

In terms of earning power, Culkin’s movie stardom peaked in 1994. He earned $8 million for “Getting Even with Dad” and another $8 million for the live-action “Richie Rich” adaptation.

Culkin earned a total of $23.5 million from these seven films between 1989 and 1994, which is about equivalent to $40 million when inflation is considered. Macaulay Culkin’s net worth is $18 million.

  • In 1989, Uncle Buck received $40,000.
  • The Million Dollar Home Alone (1990)
  • There was a $1 million payout for the 1991 film My Girl.

Home Alone 2:

  • Lost in New York made $4.5 million (1992).
  • Good Son ($1.5 million in 1993 dollars)
  • $8,000,000 to pay off Dad for all his wrongdoings (1994).
  • Richie Rih ($8 million) (1994.
  • The sum is $23.5 million.
  • With inflation taken into account, $23.5 million in 1989 would be worth $40 million today.

Initial years

New York City is the place of Macaulay Carson Culkin’s birth on August 26, 1980. His father, Christopher Culkin, used to act on Broadway. His mother, Patricia Brentrup, and father, John Brentrup, never tied the knot. Macaulay is a tribute to Thomas Babington Macaulay. Culkin has some famous actors for his siblings. Before enrolling at the Professional Children’s School, Culkin spent five years at the Catholic St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville.


Macaulay Culkin has been acting since he was four years old, beginning with minor roles in theatre productions, tv movies, and feature films. One of his most famous roles was opposite John Candy in John Hughes’s Uncle Buck (1989).

Culkin first gained widespread attention when he had chosen to play Kevin McCallister in John Hughes’s Home Alone (1990). As a performer, Culkin has won the American Comedy Award. The Young Artist Award has been nominated for the Golden Globe. The animated series Wish Kid premiered on Saturday mornings when Culkin appeared the following year.

Live shows

In addition to hosting Saturday Night Live, he had featured in Michael Jackson’s Black or White music video. Against Anna Chlumsky, he had featured in the 1991 picture My Girl. In 1992, for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Culkin had paid $4.5 million to reprise the role of Kevin. He made barely $110,000 on the first Home Alone movie.

Culkin played a more villainous role in the 1993 drama-thriller The Good Son as Henry. He had nominated for an MTV Movie Award in the Best Villain category for his work in this film. Culkin studied at the School of American Ballet and performed in a movie version of The Nutcracker. Culkin attended a private high school in New York City for four years after a string of commercial flops in 1994, including Getting Even with Dad, The Pagemaster, and Richie Rich.

After a De facto Intermission

In 1998, Culkin made his acting return in the music video for Sonic Youth’s song “Sunday.” In the following two years, he appeared in the London production of Madame Melville on the West End. Culkin made his acting comeback in the 2003 film Party Monster, playing the role of Michael Alig, a heroin addict, and killer.

Critic’s Views

Critics lauded Culkin’s portrayal, and the film ended up with an unexpected hit. He also lent his voice to the animated TV series Robot Chicken, created by Seth Green. Junior, a semi-autobiographical novel written by Culkin and published in 2006, is partially autobiographical and discusses Culkin’s rise to fame and his complicated relationship with his father. It was Culkin’s first film since Saved!, which he starred in back in the fall of 2007 with Sex and Breakfast.

Then, for thirteen episodes on NBC, Culkin featured in a comedy called Kings. Culkin appeared in Adam Green’s experimental 2011 film The Wrong Ferrari. This movie had shot entirely on an iPhone. In December 2013, a video of Culkin eating cheese pizza he co-produced and directed went viral on YouTube. It had meant to be a send-up of Andy Warhol’s consumption of a Burger King Whopper in 66 Scenes from America.

Pizza-themed comedy rock band

It turned out to be an advertisement for the debut of his pizza-themed comedy rock band, The Pizza Underground, based in New York City. On a tour of the UK in May 2014, he stormed off the stage during his kazoo solo when the crowd started booing and throwing pints of beer at him. Their remaining UK shows had been canceled. Culkin officially disbanded The Pizza Underground that year, 2016.

Changeland, directed by Seth Green and released in 2019, featured Culkin. It had announced in February 2020 that Culkin would be appearing in the upcoming tenth season of American Horror Story.

Bunny Ears is a parody of the popular cultural site and podcast Goop, and Culkin is the publisher and chief executive officer.

Online commercial produced by Google

Culkin has developed web content, including a podcast, and appeared in various TV ads since leaving the band. Kevin was 28 years older than he was in the original film, yet he recreated his role as the character in a 2018 commercial for Google Assistant.

Macaulay received a million-dollar fee for his participation in this commercial.

Private Matters

Mac had formerly been involved with Mila Kunis and married from 1998 to 2002 to actress Rachel Miner. Culkin’s Changeland costar Brenda Song is the woman he’s been seeing since 2017.

Macauley reportedly has real estate holdings in both New York City and Paris. Since the early 2000s, he has lived in the same New York City home.


Culkin was one of seven children born to his parents, Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup. He was born in New York City. His father, who was also an actor when he was a youngster, encouraged his children to pursue jobs in the entertainment industry early. As a result, two of Macaulay’s brothers, Rory and Kieran, went on to have successful acting careers as adults.

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