travis scott net worth

Travis Scott’s net worth

Date of Birth: 1992-04-30
Gender: Male
Profession: Record producer, Composer
Nationality: United States of America

Scott, birthplace is in Houston, Texas. He began his career as a musician when he was young. He decided to start his career in Music. After that period, he moved to New York. He had previously abandoned his undergraduate studies. In Los Angeles, he met the rapper T.I., and Kanye West hired him as a producer after a time period. Travis Scott’s net worth is $60 million.

After deciding not to continue his education, Scott moved to Los Angeles and started producing his songs soon after. He became acquainted with T.I. and then Kanye West. GOOD Music brought Scott on board as an in-house producer, and he had an appearance on the Cruel Summer compilation that the label released in 2012.

Early years

Travis Scott lived with his grandmother for the first six years in South Park, a reduced area in Texas. Despite growing up in the Texas suburbs, Travis Scott was nurtured in South Park.

Reasons behind Travis Scott’s fame

In the beginning, Travis Scott tried his hand at playing the piano, but he quickly understood that this wasn’t the way to win the hearts of the girls. It was Travis Scott’s friendship with Kylie Jenner that broke him out and propelled him farther into the public eye.

How did Travis Scott come to be known by that moniker?

And since my uncle’s friends also call him Scott, it simply worked out that way – my two superheroes are both named Scott.” When asked by Grant land in 2014 about the “favorite relative” who was the source of his moniker, Scott responded with the phrase, “I looked up to him and s—-.” “He was so chill it wasn’t even funny. He never lacked confidence in any way.

Is Travis Scott a significant cultural force?

According to research conducted by Complex, Travis Scott has been deemed the “most influential” figure in the young culture. It comes from his work with companies such as McDonald’s, Fortnight, and Nike.

Travis Scott begin his relationship with Kylie

According to the insider, “Kylie and Travis’ relationship has been on and off at various periods throughout their relationship.”

When did Travis Scott first make his appearance?

His first studio album, titled “Rodeo,” was ultimately released in September of 2015 and quickly rose to the top of the rap albums chart on Billboard. The year after that, Travis revealed that his second album would be titled “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” and he confirmed that the title of his third album would be “Astroworld.”

Beginnings of careers and record deals

Webster and his longtime friend Chris Holloway established The Graduates as a duo. In 2008, Scott and one of his classmates, O.G. Chess, founded the band The Classmates. The Classmates released two albums in 2009 and 2010, titled Buddy Rich and Cruisin’ U.S.A., respectively. Scott was primarily responsible for production on both projects.

Scott left college and went from Houston to New York City’s Washington Heights, where he began working with his friend Mike Waxx, who operated the music website Illroots.

Webster was abandoned in Los Angeles by a friend who had pledged to provide him with housing. His parents cut off his financial support, and he was eventually compelled to return to Houston, where they evicted him from their home.

Webster relocated back to Los Angeles and started sleeping on a friend’s couch who attended the University of Southern California. T.I.’s representative contacted Webster when he was in Los Angeles, inviting him to a studio meeting. During the encounter, T.I. freestyled over Webster’s track “Animal.”

2013 performance by Scott

In 2012, a mixtape titled Owl Pharaoh was scheduled to be made available for free download as Scott’s debut full-length solo effort. However, the project was postponed, and a later release date was announced. Later, Kanye West and Mike Dean recreated the project, which was again delayed due to sample clearance concerns.

The song is scheduled to feature on Owl Pharaoh. The mixtape version of the song has guest vocals from fellow American rapper Wale, with Scott, Sak Pase, and Mike Dean handling the production. On March 27, 2013, XXL announced that Scott was a member of their 2013 Freshman Class. “Upper Echelon” was released to urban contemporary radio on April 23, 2013. The E.P. is now available for free download.

At the Texan music event, South by Southwest, on March 13, 2014, Scott debuted a new song tentatively named “1975” with Big Sean from his upcoming record (SXSW). Scott later clarified through Twitter that the song’s title is not “1975” and that it will be included in his second mixtape, Days Before Rodeo. Later, he announced on Twitter that Rodeo would be the official title of his debut studio album for a major label.

Collaboration and performance

Collaborations and performing Scott remixed “Goosebumps” with HVME on January 15, 2021. Scott announced the return of Astroworld Fest in 2021 and its expansion to many days due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Baby Keem’s “Durag Activity” featured Scott on April 30. Scott performed on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy single “Fair Trade” on September 3, which peaked at #3 on the Hot 100. Scott will perform at Primavera Sound’s Buenos Aires, Santiago, and So Paulo festivals in 2022. 2022 Billboard Music Awards, May 15. It was his first performance since 2021’s Astro-world disaster. Travis Scott’s net worth


$60 million is Travis Scott’s net worth now. Travis Scott, the whose given name is Jacques Webster, was raised in a suburb of Houston and began his career as a musician when he was a teenager; together with Chris Holloway, he founded a band that went by the name the Graduates, and in 2009, the two of them put out an EP., The following year, he joined forces with O.G. Chess to establish a new pair known as the Classmates.

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